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Reaching Nicaragua by training and equipping the local pastors.

Missionaries first arrived in Nicaragua many years ago and today there are over 400 churches in the capital city alone. P.A.W.N. Ministries realized that the greatest need is not for another church, but for Biblical preparation for the pastors.

In Nicaragua it is unusual to find a pastor who has formally studied the Bible. Most pastors just open up the Bible, read a verse and tell the congregation what they think it means (or what they want it to mean). They create their own unbiblical beliefs.

The pastors of these churches have a passion to serve God and are zealous to reach the lost but due to such little Biblical understanding they are unable to lead a growing congregation efficiently and do not have the answers to the questions of those who are searching spiritually.

P.A.W.N. Ministries is working to fill this need by Preparing Approved Workman for Nicaragua.