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mapNicaragua is the largest country in Central America. Approximately the size of the state of New York and a population of 5,570,129. This Spanish-speaking country has mountains with lush valleys, beautiful beaches and historic cities.

But even though it sounds like a wonderful getaway spot, it is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Not only is it poor in it’s political and economical status, it is poor spiritually and morally.

Nicaragua is 80% Catholic. The other 20% is made up of all other religions including evangelical Christians. Of these 20% less than 5% are Bible believing Christians.

It is VERY rare to find a pastor that has formally studied the Bible. When someone accepts Christ they decide they want to be a pastor, they start a church in their home and create their own theology. The weakness of using this method is it soon turns into a church of rules and regulations not a relationship with Jesus Christ. This in turn produces weak congregations who do not know what they believe and can’t defend their faith. Due to this fact, the mentality in Nicaragua is that Christianity is for the poor and for those who can’t think for themselves.