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I have been on 7 previous mission trips with two other organizations. The preparation [by P.A.W.N. Ministries] that went in to each ministry assignment was astonishing, all we had to do was show up and execute the pre-planned program. Pawn Ministries is head and shoulders above other missions opportunities ~
Steve, Youth Pastor

P.A.W.N. Ministries prepared us well for the trip, kept us busy while we were here without overloading us and gave us a good experience of the local culture. ~
Gracie, age 16

It was an experience that challenged our group to be resourceful and flexible under difficult circumstances at times. It just brings home what the Bible states, "To much is given, much is expected" ~
Jim, Team Leader

My trip to Nicaragua was by far the most life changing, emotional, and fun experience I've ever had. I bonded so quickly with the people here and I would return in a heartbeat. ~
Veronica, age 18

It was very inspiring and eye opening to see all the children in that condition. It was not only a blessing to the children but to me as well. ~
Nick, age 14

It was a great feeling to see the kids learn about Jesus and accept Him into their hearts. ~
Sam, age 18

I LOVED THIS TRIP. I feel much more grateful for what I have now. ~
Jordan, age 17

God really worked through everyone and people were really passionate about it. Seeing kids happy could put a smile on anybody's face. ~
Avery, age 17

It's life changing, humbling, fantastic experience that gave me so much knowledge I almost fell out of my highchair. ~
Chad, age 17

The joy of the children to see and have our presence was overwhelming. They knew we were there for them. Their little hearts and minds were open to receive what we brought to them. Their gratefulness was felt by us in their warm smiles and hugs. ~
Anna, Team Leader

P.A.W.N. gave me an opportunity to do great things for Nicaragua and I am very grateful for that. ~
Bean, age 17

This missions trip was so fulfilling and packed with experiences. Samantha and Edwin were well prepared and very helpful in every situation. The days were packed with mission work and the nights were full of praising the Lord. All in all a wonderful experience where you could feel God's presence all around. ~
Jessica, Team Leader

My trip with P.A.W.N. Ministries was truly a life changing experience. ~
Emily, age 18

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