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Missionaries first arrived in Nicaragua many years ago and today there are over 400 churches in the capital city alone. P.A.W.N. Ministries realized that the greatest need is not for another church, but for Biblical preparation for the pastors.

In Nicaragua it is unusual to find a pastor who has formally studied the Bible. Most pastors just open up the Bible, read a verse and tell the congregation what they think it means (or what they want it to mean). They create their own unbiblical beliefs.

The pastors of these churches have a passion to serve God and are zealous to reach the lost but due to such little Biblical understanding they are unable to lead a growing congregation efficiently and do not have the answers to the questions of those who are searching spiritually.

P.A.W.N. Ministries is working to fill this need by Preparing Approved Workmen for Nicaragua.

P.A.W.N. Ministries, Inc. seeks not only to meet educational needs, but physical needs as well. In the following paragraphs we explain in detail the projects that are meeting each need.

Pastors’ Conference
Twice a year we bring an intense conference to the Pastors of Nicaragua. Each day of the conference includes group devotions, classes on important topics, question/answer time, fellowship and food! For those who attend all the days of the conference they receive a packet of valuable Bible study materials.


Portable Institute
The need is great in Nicaragua for Bible Classes. Pastors and church leaders need a place where they can learn how to study the Bible and how to relay the message to their congregations.

Although our ultimate long term goal is a Bible Institute in Managua, until that day we are working with The Ortiz Evangelical Foundation lead by Leonard & Sarah Ortiz, sending “Portable Institutes” to Nicaragua. The Portable Institute includes a DVD player, Spanish Bible classes on DVD and Bible study books.

The classes are to be shown in a home or church setting where pastors and church leaders get together and watch the classes with a class leader (preferably someone who has studied the Bible) to lead the classes and answer any question students may have.

Pollo Project
The “Pollo Project” was created to help Nicaraguan Pastors with their physical needs. The pastors in Nicaragua are very poor and many times don’t have the recourses for everyday necessities. The members of the congregation also live in poverty which results in that the pastors cannot live off of the offering. The Pollo Project is a chicken farm located in Nicaragua that provides jobs for members of the congregation and all profits go to support individual Nicaraguan pastors.


Short Term Mission Trips

Nicaragua is a very poor country which contributes to the more than 15,000children who live and work on the streets of Managua. Since 85% of the population live on less than $2 a day this makes for very poor church structures. P.A.W.N. Ministries, Inc leads 7 day mission trips focused on the street children of Managua, on construction work benefiting the Nicaraguan churches or on sharing Christmas with children who have never received a gift.

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A Christian Library and Computer Center

Where people can come and study the Bible with access to Bible study books, commentaries, computers and materials to further their Biblical understanding. Pawn Ministries has a library in Condega and another in Managua that also provide computer classes to local Nicaraguan pastors.


  Our long term training goal is:  
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